Meet our Team



One day, perhaps over a cup of coffee, you will meet our President, Daniel Morales. He is our company's visionary because he can imagine 10 ways to build a box. He is our sales force because he is a born communicator and someone that people trust. Before planting the seed that became Aldia Coffee, he built a successful career in Costa Rica in export logistics. Every precious bean that we source is thanks to his network of relationships, and he nurtures each one. If you speak with him, you are likely to hear the word synergy because he believes in creating win-win situations and is naturally gifted for it.



As most big brothers tend to, Cristian has a very different personality from Daniel, fire from water, and we play that to our highest benefit. Many years ago, Cristian was transplanted from his home in Costa Rica to Houston, Texas. 

Cristian is our compass. His belief in his brother’s dream and his own background in process laid the tracks that keeps our company moving forward with intention. He is also the bossiest on the team, but with such a true and inspiring spirit that we allow it.



Manuel Morales is Cristian and Daniel’s father, and he is the business architect. His finance and strategy models present the clearest picture of all moving parts so that we can make informed and competent decisions, maximize our value in all the important ways, and remain attractively competitive. When Cristian and Daniel disagree, they call Manuel to break the tie. He guides the team with unending patience. He is also our Costa Rica presence who is able to liaise with partners abroad.



I am the feminine balance to this powerful dynamic, and I love coffee. I believe in what we have to give, and I'm joyously dedicated to this journey into coffee. I promise to start with a really good bean, to work hard at the process of making it delicious, and to treating all customers, partners and communities the way I want to be treated.