Who Are We?

Aldia Coffee is a young family business with roots in Costa Rica, intent on showcasing the rich flavors of a specialty selection of coffee beans which are freshly roasted in Houston, Texas. We are a blending of cultures and personalities, and our approach reflects our style – honest and easygoing, with a desire to connect to our community abroad, to our community at home, and to simply be a force for good.


Our Mission

Our mission is to form relationships through our coffee, to make a ripple while sharing something that we love, and to deliver an experience that you enjoy, remember, and look forward to having again.


Our Values

We want to lift our community, support our local businesses and promote our hardworking producers. We will be responsive, responsible and honest. That’s what you deserve.


Why Coffee?

Well, because we love it! Costa Rica has an incredibly special offering of agricultural treasure and artisanal craft. The coffee is unique and pleasurable with an identity recognized around the world.  It is produced to impressive standards, and we have excellent relationships. Our beans are carefully sourced by an expert who is deeply involved in coffee, and he loves to share his passion.


Mauricio, Barista