Employee Giving

Faculty with a studentIn addition to giving your time and talents, employee gifts to 鶹 and PLTS are what help 鶹 continue to excel.

Your donations support the greatest needs of our campuses and empower you to make an immediate impact both on the institution in which you work, and in the lives of students.

Employee Giving Email Badge 2024-2025

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Employee giving is about sharing in a common mission.  It’s an important measure of our collective commitment to ensure that our students have what they need to succeed during their academic journey.

Your unrestricted donations support the greatest needs on our campuses and have an immediate impact on and, more importantly, on the lives of the students we serve.

All gifts, of any size and to any area on campus, make a difference!  Your participation and involvement are what matter most.  A high employee giving rate reflects a vote of confidence in the mission of Cal Lutheran and helps build a strong foundation for our current and future students.  

When you participate in this year’s Employee Giving Campaign, whether through payroll deductions, or gifts to any of the areas within Annual Giving, you can contact Michelle Spurgeon at spurgeon@CalLutheran.edu to receive an Employee Giving 2024-2025 signature badge. Badges with a gold oak leaf recognize our loyal employee Oak Tree Society membersthose who have given for 3+ years.


Oak Tree Society Oak Leaf

Giving for 3+​ consecutive years

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The oak tree has often been used as a symbol of strength, nobility, and longevity. Similarly, the Oak Tree Society honors donors who have given an unrestricted annual gift for three or more years consecutively. A gift, no matter how big or small, that is given every year to the University grows to the power of an oak tree when it is joined with gifts from other 鶹 alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends.

Oak Tree Society members are recognized at 鶹 events as well as on our websites and on printed donor lists by the symbol of an oak leaf next to their names.

2018-2019 Employee Giving Campaign


contributed to date

of $115,000 goal


Automated Giving

Automatic payroll deductions make giving easy by donating a specific amount from each paycheck. No amount is too small, and every dollar supports the mission of the university.

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2024-2025 Donor Honor Roll

The employees below are recognized for their annual contributions to an area of unrestricted giving on campus.

  • Gerhard Apfelthaler
  • Joel Arnold
  • Trudy Arriaga
  • Robyn Ballard
  • Andrew Castro
  • Barbara Culbret
  • Vicki Danko
  • Greg Daven
  • Howard Davis
  • Kecia Davis
  • Debra Day
  • Desta Goehner
  • Monica Gracyalny
  • Lindsay Grange
  • Kathryn Grindberg
  • Ben Hengst
  • Tim Hengst
  • David Hilke
  • Michael Hillis
  • Caitlin Hodges
  • Tom Hoener
  • Jay Hutchison
  • Tania Isnec
  • Elena Jaloma Scott
  • Rebecca Lirette
  • Frank Marino
  • Zareh Marselian
  • Allison Moore
  • Angela Naginey
  • Leanne Neilson
  • Clinton Oie
  • Cody Owens
  • Johanna Owens
  • Chris Paul
  • Moses Penumaka
  • Kajal Phabiani
  • Gabrielle Pittle
  • Diane Rodriguez
  • Rachel Ronning Lindgren
  • Melinda Roper
  • Robert Schreifels
  • Shannon Sheehan
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Christina Soria
  • Kathi Jo Spaulding
  • Viola Tan
  • Margarita Vaiman
  • Vlad Vaiman
  • Ryan Van Ommeren
  • Aaron Vorhis
  • Matt Ward
  • Tim Weaver
  • Vanessa Webster-Smith
  • Yvonne Wilber
  • Sara Wilson
  • Coleen Windham-Hughes
  • Emily Yamamoto